Tea – Spiritual Herb of Heaven

Tea is a heavenly elixir. That Heaven is the Place of Eternity far above the earth where God lives. But there’s also lasting Bliss you can have within you down here. And there’s an earthly paradise that’s a locale a lot like the wonderful domain where most people want to live forever ayahuasca retreat for your life.

Many modern people encourage you with a spirituality that reveals Heaven as a state of mind. It’s true that you can achieve inner Peace with God today and then also attain unto Ecstasy that’s a Taste of what the fortunate can feel evermore.

But it’s also a Place. It’s a Realm where there is no evil or crime like you may suffer in most places in the world. And it’s a Community where there is no more pain. For everyone there’s no more sorrow or hurting anymore.

Then there’s the paradise that can be achieved right here on terra firma. The spiritual overcomers win the Victory in establishing the society where the Fruits of the Tree of Life are freely enjoyed by all who wish to partake.

The tea plant is the earthly Tree of Life, counterpart to the perfect healing Herb nourishing the faithful who get into Heaven. It’s the recovered Blessing of the Garden of Eden lost when Adam and Eve ate of the Forbidden Fruit instead and were cursed.