Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2017

Bluetooth Headphone Sven AP-B 770 MV

Overhead Best Bluetooth headphones, working on Bluetooth technology. Stereo headphones can work in active mode without recharging for twenty-two hours. The radius of removal from the bluetooh-module is ten meters. Headphones are suitable not only for listening to audio files, but also support the functions of the bluetooth headset.

This device can control the call due to the following functions:

  • answer / end the conversation;
  • call retention;
  • voice dialing;
  • dial the last number.

The device weighs 210 gr.

Sven Wireless Headphones SEB-B270MV

A fairly advanced portable headset with support for Bluetooh version 4.1 type “droplets” (more familiar – “gags”). The device works at the expense of a lithium battery and “holds” without recharging until five hours. Headphones are very compact and weigh about 14 grams, while having the standard headset functionality: voice dialing, status indicator, repeat the last call, hold the call. In this case, the model produces a good stereo sound. Wireless headphones are a budget solution; the cost of the “270th” model in online stores varies in the range of 1500 rubles.

best bluetooth headphones

Sven Wireless Headphone AP-B350MV

A compact overhead wireless headset supporting “bluetooth” version 4.0. The device is very light – only 150 gr. Works in the profiles of Handsfree, Headset, A2DP, AVRCP. Without recharging the device will “live” for more than 10 hours. Charging is standard – from USB. The set of functions is standard: voice dialing, last number redial, call hold / end. A distinctive feature of the model is the work on both wireless communication and cable. The price range for this “Sven”: 1200-2100 rubles, depending on the retailer.

Sven Wireless Headphone AP-B450MV

Best Bluetooth Headphones for running from Finns from Sven. Users note excellent design and good control of the player, while occasionally lamenting the unreliable mounts. In terms of all the parameters are traditionally: “bluetooth” version 4 with a 10-meter radius, support for Handsfree, Headset, A2DP, AVRCP profiles. The 450th model is able to function without recharging for about eleven hours. Customers note that this model of Sven is preferably used for negotiations, and not for listening to audio files. There is not a very good quality of the audio stream when playing music audio files. To negotiate, the Sven AP-B450MV has everything: call management, voice dialing, etc. Become the owner of the gadget can be for 1500-2000 rubles.

Sven Wireless Headphones SEB-B265MV

One more budgetary miniature “gags” in our review. The battery provides more than 5 hours of operation. The device works with Bluetooth technology version 4.1. Functionality and supported interfaces are identical to the above described device. Undeniable plus Sven SEB-B265MV is a waterproof enclosure. In the rest, the product is mediocre – users generally note the low quality of the sound. If you need headphones with protection from water – Sven SEB-B265MV is quite suitable. Moreover, there is a gadget within 1300 rubles.

In general, Finnish developers offer competitive products in terms of functionality and quality of performance. The attractive price of the manufacturer allow Sven to feel comfortable best Bluetooth headphones in its segment of the market.